The 3rd Control Conference Africa (CCA 2024), hosted by the South African Council for Automation and Control (SACAC) promotes the exchange of ideas and developments in control engineering in Africa.

The Call for Papers (PDF) can be downloaded here.

The conference will take place on 16 and 17 September 2024, with post-conference workshops on 18 September 2024.

The conference is specifically aimed at control engineers, active in industry or academia, from all African countries as well as Africans working in control on other continents who would like to reconnect to their roots. Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Automotive systems
  • Aerospace systems
  • Robotic systems
  • Modelling and system identification
  • Process control
  • Novel control theory and techniques
  • Control engineering education

Paper submissions

Two types of contributions will be accepted at CCA2024:

  • Full contributions: A six-page paper that will be peer-reviewed and published in IFAC Papers Online.
  • Extended abstracts: A two-page paper, peer-reviewed, but not published.

All submissions must be made through ifac.papercept.net



Adjunct Professor in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Senior Research Scientist at the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, MIT

“The key role of control of changing electric energy systems in supporting reliable and cost-effective decarbonization: Huge challenge and opportunity to innovations of complex dynamical systems”

Associate Professor of Water & Control Systems, TU Delft

“Model Predictive Control of Water Systems: modelling to control under uncertainty.”

Professor for Applied Mathematics, University of Bayreuth

“Optimization-based control for large-scale or complex systems: When and why does it work?”

Professor of Chemical Engineering, Queen’s University

“Data-driven control of unknown nonlinear systems using extremum seeking.”



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